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Susan's Blog

A Bittersweet Consolation on the Anniversary of my Mother's 99th Birthday

"Cavalier Poet to his Lady" by Joan Wehlen Morrison. "Cavalier Poet to his Lady" was inspired by the metaphysical poets and Carpe Diem poems from the early 17th century.

I was enthusiastic when my daughter asked if we had any books that needed to be bound properly as she was to attend a workshop on bookbinding and conservation. Did we ever! Coming from a family nick-named "the Morrison writing factory" by my mom Joan Wehlen Morrison, we had books galore--many tattered, with spines falling off and pages torn and ripped. I pulled a number out, assuring her, "There are more, if you like!" Read here about how I discovered two poems by my mother and how they brought light into my heart after a difficult year.

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