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Susan's Blog

"Put this on the syllabus next time you teach Beowulf.”

Peter J. Smith, reader in Renaissance literature, Nottingham Trent University, has just finished Susan Signe Morrison’s Grendel’s Mother: The Saga of the Wyrd-Wife (Top Hat, 2015). “This retelling of the Anglo-Saxon epic by one of the period’s most renowned scholars is gloomy and powerful in equal measure. Morrison names the  Read More 
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Grendel's Mother wins Literary Classics Seal of Approval

I'm delighted to report that Grendel's Mother: The Saga of the Wyrd-Wife has been awarded the Seal of Approval from Literary Classics. Here is their review.

"Skillfully penned in a style which flows remarkably well, while masterfully incorporating an old world flair, this book transports readers to medieval Denmark and the fascinating world of Grendel....This book reads well as a stand-alone, but would be an excellent companion piece as a prequel for those seeking greater depth, or an alternate view, of Beowulf. Grendel's Mother is highly recommended for home and school libraries and as a teaching tool for educators. This book has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval."

I'm delighted by this review! And the Seal of Approval.
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All the Single Ladies.....

Imagine thousands of medievalists rushing to sessions with titles such as “Fanfiction in Medieval Studies” and “‘Get Ye Flask’: Friars and Uroscopy in Medieval England” (uroscopy being the science of analyzing urine). You can read more about my experiences at the 51st International Congress on Medieval Studies, an annual conference that takes place at  Read More 
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Inspiring and Inspired Medieval Novelists

Queen Aethelthryth had two chaste marriages. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde’s Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest, “To have one chaste marriage may be regarded as good fortune. To have two chaste marriages looks like calculation.” Read about medieval women inspiring medieval novelists today. Candace Robb's new novel, The Service  Read More 
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Blog Tour Recap: Grendel’s Mother Getting Over Jet Lag

Grendel’s Mother has just arrived home from her Virtual Blog Tour. She still has jet lag but managed to put this post together about her reviews, essays, and interviews on her whirlwind tour.
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Julian of Norwich and Margery Kempe: Together After All These Years

It’s exciting to imagine Julian of Norwich and Margery Kempe meeting again after all these years.
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Please Vote for "Grendel's Mother"

I think some of you know Grendel's Mother is a finalist for Foreword Reviews' 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award Finalist in Historical (Adult Fiction)

Now they have a Reader's Choice category. Please vote for "Grendel's Mother" by leaving a comment that says it is your favorite with this hashtag: #INDIEFABFAVE Read More 
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Sassy, Spirited, and Supportive!

Read about the wonderful The Story Circle Network Conference for women writers that takes place ever other year--and what happens to the men's rest room when women take over a hotel!
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Review: "A Definite, Recommended Read!"

"This book offers up this infamous story from a new perspective. What’s more, and my favourite aspect I think, is that it does so utilizing the devices and tools that characterize the original poem....

[O]verall the use of alliteration, epithets, and kenning was beautifully crafted. The tone and style are  Read More 
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New Review of "Grendel's Mother: The Saga of the Wyrd-Wife"

"By giving us the tale from the female perspective, she has managed to put a completely different spin on it for me. Her beautiful mastery of the language has brought the characters to life for me. These strong women truly were the steel backbone of the society."
From One Book Shy
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